OK – so if you didn’t already know – I am a Disney Geek.

When I think of how this happened I blame it on a “perfect storm.” My first ever trip to Florida was one of those Apple Vacations that had multiple stops. After landing in Tampa we went to Bush Gardens – it was nice. (actually it was GREAT mostly because I was from Michigan and it was winter). The next stop was Cypress Gardens – it was also nice. But the last stop was this place called Walt Disney World – it was the best!

While working on my graduate degree one of my management topics was excellent companies. I read this book called “In Search of Excellence” by Tom Peters. One of the excellent businesses was Walt Disney World. On return of one of my trips I watched a PBS special titled “In Search of Excellence – the Movie.” With my trip fresh in my mind I watched the show in awe – the segment about WDW was right on point.

So beside my love for Walt Disney World I still find myself a student of excellence. Walt Disney World is my research project.

As the years passed my excitement continued to grow and my opportunities to go become more frequent. I think my greatest satisfaction is seeing my family have much of the same excitement. Even though this site is about solo Disney traveling I have to say my kids – and now grandkids – don’t miss an opportunity if it fits in their schedule.

So how “geeky” am I?

Well I am a WDW annual passholder (yes I could go everyday if I lived closer). A few years ago I became a Disney Vacation Club owner – it is the best way to bring a group down and not have to get multiple rooms. I started a blog about Disney. I make sure those around me know – including my students – I am always ready to talk about Disney and give trip planning advice. In fact – I started a travel consulting business so I could access the Disney Travel Agent website and help people get the best deals on travel to the most Magical place on earth. I am also a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge.

Well that is probably too much information – but if I missed anything – let me know!