Does Disney Give Out Too Many Fastpasses?

by Gary on February 6, 2012

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World I attempted to go on Soarin’ a couple of times. As my week grew short I settled for a 35 minute standby line. It was after 8PM with the ride closing at 9PM. As I walked up the line did not appear to be that long.

At first the line moved steadily. But soon came to a obvious halt. After exceeding the 35 minute posted time I got close enough to see that it was the Fastpass line that was taking all the spots. As I got closer I noticed that the Fastpass line was backed up around the corner – my guess at least a 20 minute wait – for the Fastpass line!

One of the pretenses of the Fastpass was so guests could enjoy the rest of the park. As I stood there I could only think that was not the case here. One group of people standing in line for over 40 minutes and the Fastpassers in line for 20.

I just read a report on Touring Plans that enforcement of Fastpass return times would begin March 7, 2012. Although I have enjoyed lack of enforcement of the Fastpass return time, I just had to think that enforcement on some of the more popular rides might be in order.

That got me to thinking about the reasons the Fastpass line was so long. Was it because too many Fastpasses had been issued or had many of the people in the line saved a Fastpass with a earlier return time -for the end of the day?

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